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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that is great news if you own a restaurant or retail store. In 2016 Americans spent 19.7 billion dollars on Valentines. It is reported that Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day for restaurants in America. Americans spent a total of 4.4 billion dollars on the “Special Night Out” including restaurants and a trip to the movies. It is reported that over 4.5 billion dollars was spent on jewelry, 1.98 billion was spent on flowers, 2 billion spent on clothing, 1.7 billion on candy and 1.14 billion on greeting cards. Another 1.68 billion dollars was spent on gift cards & gift certificates. Be sure you are getting your piece of the pie. Contact the FAMOUS MAKERS at Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc. to take advantage of our Valentine Blitz Specials. Durden Valentine's Day Specials

Durden Outdoor’s Work Selected as Winner of Camel City Printers’ Creative Challenge


We always strive for “WILD” ideas to help make our clients FAMOUS… but to do so, we count on the Camel!

Durden Outdoor would like to thank Camel City Printers for choosing our Bryan Pharmacy billboard creative as the winner of the Camel City December Creative Challenge. Durden’s creative was chosen as their best client supplied artwork that was printed in December. Durden Outdoor received an Apple TV as a prize for the outstanding work. BryanPharmacy_Creative_Outdoor_Durden
“Great creative requires partnering with clients who put their trust in your team and allow you to push boundaries. Bryan Pharmacy is just one of our many clients that we are blessed to create award winning work for. Likewise, it takes partners like Camel City to execute great ideas. The staff at Camel City is always a pleasure to work with and attentive to our needs. They deliver a great product that keeps our client’s image clean and vibrant”

-Bill Durden, VP & Creative Director of Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc.