Durden’s Roarin’ Good Time

Congratulations to Erika Hardin of Sarrell Dental on winning a FREE Digital Billboard compliments of Durden Outdoor! Sarrell Dental was the selected winner during Dothan’s “Spotlight on Business: Roarin’ 20s” Trade Show earlier this month. The annual show celebrated 96 years of connecting businesses with the Wiregrass community and has grown to become the largest trade show in the area.

The Durden Outdoor booth was proudly represented by our FAMOUS Makers and was one of over 90 business participants. It is estimated that over 850 visitors were in attendance. We would like to extend a personal “Thank You” to each and every one of you in addition to the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce for once again hosting such a successful event! If you were not able to attend the show and are interested in what Durden Outdoor can offer your business, please contact sales@durdenoutdoor.com to reach one of our creative image consultants.

2017 Projected Growth in Out-of-Home

2017 is off to a great start and Out-of-Home is predicted to have its best year yet. According to OAAA, 2016 closed out marking the billboard industry’s 27th consecutive quarter of growth, other than digital media. No other form of media comes anywhere near such a consistent record. With the ever changing world of digital advertising, Out-of-Home is becoming the hot spot ad medium to buy alongside of it. Billboards enhance digital media and push it to the next level. 70% of people are spending more time outside of their homes where they are exposed to Out-of-Home ads. There are record miles being driven which has increased the time consumers spend interacting with billboards.

Unlike most traditional ad mediums, the Out-of-Home industry has benefited from social, digital, and mobile geo-fencing. Geo-fencing enables the use of GPS technology to create a virtual geographic boundary. This allows software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area. Imagine driving past a digital billboard that is advertising a local restaurant. Later, you open your mobile device only to find an ad for the same local restaurant you viewed on your morning commute. You decide you can not resist that juicy hamburger and just like that, you have decided what you will be picking up for dinner.

This is the future. Many Out-of-Home campaigns are also viewed on social media, increasing total viewership. Since consumers spend majority of the time in their car daily, billboards are one of the last ad mediums they are exposed to right before making a purchase. The audience displacement which occurs with other media has been to Out-of-Home’s advantage because billboards can’t be delayed, skipped or turned off. To keep your ad on 24 hours a day, contact one of our creative image consultants at 334-792-5056 or sales@durdenoutdoor.com.