National Peanut Festival Pageant Specials

May 19, 2022

Majority of the peanuts in the United States are grown right here in the Wiregrass area. The National Peanut Festival is in its 78th year and will be back in the fall offering fun, food and family friendly shows. The festival is the nation’s largest peanut festival and honors local peanut farmers to celebrate the end to harvest season. 

Each year in October, a new Miss and Little Miss National Peanut Festival queen is crowned. Area queens participate in the pageant to win the coveted title. In preparation for the 2022 pageant, Durden Outdoor is offering our National Peanut Queen Billboard specials earlier this year. These specials are available for all participating queens whose families or town would like to support them with well-wishes on a billboard 2-4 weeks prior to the pageant. This special includes the option of a 4-week Rotary Poster with creative and production included for $595.00 NET. The next option for this special is a 2 or 4 week Digital Billboard located at Justice Park Media Center in downtown Dothan. This tri-sided Digital Display is located just one block away from the Dothan Civic Center where the National Peanut Festival pageant is hosted. The total cost for this option is $375.00 NET for 2 weeks or $595.00 NET for 4 weeks and also includes creative.

The National Peanut Festival Pageant Special is available until July 15th. Space is limited and is on a first come first served basis. BOOK NOW to lock in your location and show your queen the support that she deserves!