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New Business Licenses Issued in Dothan

January 18, 2011

If you market your goods or services to other businesses it is good practice to know what new businesses are opening in your community.  One of the best ways to keep up with new businesses opening in your area is go to the city office where business licenses are issued and request a report about once a month.  Many cities will charge a small administrative fee for this information.  Most cities will provide information related to the new business including contact name, address, telephone number, and in some cases an email address.

You can then take this information to make first contact with the new business.  Speed of Business is getting to be more important as technology advances.  The internet provides instant access to anything a new business owner might need.  The internet has made the act of business less personal, but there is still plenty of room to build relationships.

The Dothan Eagle posts new business licenses to their website on a regular basis.  If you are doing business in the Dothan, Alabama area be sure to check it out.  Be sure to post a comment back here if you found this article helpful.

Speed of Business and your company’s ability to react quickly enough is key. Speed of Business also refers to how fast the public can access information over the internet.  The faster you make first contact with a potential client the more likely your company will be rewarded with the sale versus a competing company. Increasing your company’s Speed of Business can be done in many ways. Social Media, a Website, Newsletter Email Marketing, and knowing what is going on in the community before others are all ways to increase the Speed of Business.  We will be discussing other topics concerning Speed of Business very soon.