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Rotary Posters

Durden Outdoor offers a variety of different ways for companies to showcase themselves or their clients. A Rotary Poster program is one of the preferred methods used to penetrate the market and build strong brand saturation.

Posters are purchased in increments called showings. Poster showings provide a broad, simultaneous market reach that can achieve instant market saturation and high frequency where your customers live, work, and play. Posters are extremely powerful for launching new product campaigns, time sensitive promotions, seasonal and special events. A showing represents how much of a certain market you are reaching (for example, a #25 showing = 25% market reach). Posters are located on major roads and secondary arteries throughout southeast Alabama. Posters are a great way to advertise products, services, and events.  Durden Outdoor’s poster showings are typically up for 8 weeks minimum. Highly visible to vehicular traffic, these big, bold boards make a major impact. Demographic-specific locations bring your ad directly to your target audience. Achieve the dramatic impact of a Bulletin with many units strategically located to maximize your advertising objectives. A perfect media option for local and retail advertisers.

Target Market Capabilities

Posters allow for geographic and demographic targeting, allowing you to place the right message in the right place at the right time for the right audience. Posters can stimulate sales near point-of-purchase locations.

Creative Design Flexibility

Posters are digitally reproduced to provide beautiful photo-quality creative allowing for very few design restrictions.

Dramatic Impact

Distributed widely throughout the market on primary and secondary arteries, posters provide complete and instant coverage by hitting the same demographic multiple times.

Low Cost per Thousand

A poster campaign is the most inexpensive form of advertising in terms of impressions per dollar, providing 4X as many impressions per dollar than both radio and magazine, 8X as many impressions as TV and 11X as many as newspaper.

Instant Market Saturation

Poster showings provide broad, simultaneous market reach and high frequency where your customers work and live.

Wide Distribution

Posters are distributed widely throughout the market on primary and secondary arteries, taking advantage of the fact that 80 percent of the traffic travels on 20 percent of the roadways.

More Information on Rotary Posters

Posters are sold in groups called “showings.” Poster showings are sold according to Gross Rating Point (GRP) levels, which correlate to the percentage of the market an advertiser wishes to reach in one day. A #50 GRP showing, for example, will yield daily exposure opportunities equal to 50 percent of the population in a given area.

An average #50 GRP showing builds to a frequency of about 15 times within 28 days. In addition, that same #50 GRP showing will reach more than 80 percent of a market within 28 days.

Poster production normally requires two weeks from receipt of finished approved art.

Creative Design Flexibility

Durden Rotary Poster Clients have the ability to rotate and change their design every (8) weeks.

Clients can send in their designs or our in-house creative department can help with designing your ad. Our Rotary Poster Program allows you to have the flexibility to change your message and freshen it up every (8) weeks.

Contract Period

Customarily sold in 8-12 week showings.

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