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Billboards Available by Zipcode

February 1, 2011

Durden Outdoor’s vast outdoor advertising network covers many counties in South Alabama with prime billboard locations. The Durden Outdoor network is not limited to standard billboards.  The Durden Digital Network is in high demand around Dothan, Enterprise, and Eufaula, Alabama. Billboards are an effective means of advertising for just about every business model.  Every second of the day people in are spending money for some type of goods or services.  Billboards help keep your name in front of potential customers as they make their purchase decisions. The Durden Marketing Team will be happy to sit down and assist in designing an effective marketing plan.  Below is a list of zip codes with available billboards.

36301  36302  36303  36305

36343  36320  36312  36376

36352  36345  36319  36350

36360  36362  36322  36375

36344  36330  36311  36317

36310  36373  36353  36323

36351  36340  36318  36316

36252  36010  36079  36081

36005  36048  36016  36017

36027  36089  36467 36477

If you are searching for a billboards by zip code in Alabama and do not find the desired zip code please contact us and we will advise you of available billboards in the area. Please keep in mind the Durden Digital Network is constantly expanding adding new digital billboards in new markets.