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Beach Bound Traffic Through Dothan, AL

March 1, 2011

Spring break and summer vacationing people make the trip to Panama City Beach, Florida where they spend millions of dollars. stimulating the Florida economy. Getting the travelers to stop at your business to spend money should be part of your business plan here in the Dothan, Alabama area.  Thousands of people  travel to Panama City Beach by way of Dothan, AL and other cities along US Highway 231. Local businesses who take advantage  of the additional beach traffic can add a new revenue stream to their business.  Some business owners take it for granted assuming those traveling through the area know how to find their business and/or services.  Simply put how are potential customers supposed to know what you offer and how to find you if you do not advertise. Not to mention motive them to want to spend money.  Often times people on vacation have spending on their mind.  Prepare your business to take advantage and capitalize on the opportunity.

Billboard advertising along Hwy 231 produces positive results for hotels, gas stations, and restaurants.  It should be pointed out many other business types can benefit from people passing through the Dothan area on vacation.  Families traveling may look for a hotel, but they may also look for other things to go do while staying the night in Dothan, AL. What is your plan to get these people into your place of business?  Durden Outdoor can assist in your marketing effort to capitalize on this potential business opportunity.

Durden Outdoor offers many billboard locations along major highways across southeast Alabama.  Durden Outdoor can show you how to create an effective outdoor advertising campaign to direct potential travelers to your place of business.  From there your company’s outstanding customer service, and great value products can close the deal.

Travelocity released their annual 2011 “Traveler Confidence Report”.  The report stated “95 percent of respondents will travel as much or more in the coming year”.  Travelocity also reports “Though travelers are planning to spend more, they’re also planning to spend more carefully. 60 percent of respondents claimed to have a predetermined travel budget for 2011, up from 44 percent in 2010”.  For businesses looking to capture some of travel market share you will need a more defined plan of how and what you will be advertising during the 2011 vacation season.

The 2010 vacation season saw a dramatic drop in people traveling to Florida beaches because of the BP Oil Spill and the clean up efforts.  It is a new year and “Beach goers say they’re over the oil spill” as reported by WSFA News in Montgomery, Alabama. has Panama City Beach listed as one of the Top 5 Places to visit in the winter and this fact is no different in the summer months.  Panama City Beach draws crowds from all around the United States and many of them funnel right through Dothan, AL on their way to and from Florida.

Different business types can benefit from increased traffic in the area.  Consider some of the following examples:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Gas Stations
  • Walk in Clinic Doctor Offices (people get sick while traveling.)
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Tow Truck Services
  • Auto Part Stores
  • Pawn Shops (never know some people may need more money for the beach or to get home)
  • Pet Stores (pets may need supplies)
  • Retail Stores
  • Recreational Businesses like:
    • Movie Theaters
    • Arcade
    • Ice Cream and Yogurt
    • Kid Related activities
    • Go-cart track
    • and more

One thing to consider is the impulse buy.  What can your business advertise to entice an impulse purchase?  Advertised items creating impulse purchases can get potential customers in your business where your in store advertising can up-sale other items.  This is very important for the restaurant industry.  Up-sales can make a serious impact to the bottom line.  Up-sales items can be things like drinks, appetizers, deserts, and additions to an entree. Up-sales are not only for the food industry. Up-sale items are seen in just about every retail store you visit from Wal-Mart to high end clothing stores.

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The Durden Outdoor team can help you create an effective advertising campaign to take advantage of traffic passing through the Dothan, Alabama area as well as other cities along US Highway 231.  Durden Outdoor offers other advertising packages for those who want make a larger impact.  The Durden Digital Network can also be put to use displaying your short term messages.  Digital Billboards offer some great advantages.