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No Skinny Dipping

March 21, 2011

Durden Outdorr Displays is S.E. Alabama’s leader in outdoor advertising with over 1000 billboards in the area.  Creative ideas are something the Durden crew works toward with each client.  Working creatively can offer new ways to connect with a potential customer, or help keep the brand image in front of an existing customer.

The “NO SKINNY DIPPING” billboard campaign has been a huge success in the Dothan, Alabama area. The billboards were posted in several key areas around the Dothan market.  The billboards are part of a two-step process.  The first stage is to feature the “NO SKINNY DIPPING” slogan with no company branding, product, or service.  The second step will follow four weeks from the campaign starting.  Each of the “NO SKINNY DIPPING” billboard locations will receive new artwork on March 28, 2011 revealing the company and product or service offered.

Local news media quickly picked up on the “NO SKINNY DIPPING” message in what many would consider a conservative community.  The billboard message has been fun with many people wondering what the message it related to.  Some of the local online news and chat hotspots have had the buzz of people guessing who and what.  So much so the owner of the message is going to sponsor a couple online giveaways for those wanting to guess the meaning of the board.