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Hospital Billboard to Promote Heart and Vascular Center

April 11, 2011

Hospital-billboard-SAMCSouth East Alabama Medical Center (SAMC) has been working to educate the public on life threatening health issues.  The Heart and Vascular Clinic at SAMC is educating people to understand sometimes symptoms may indicate a different health concern.  It is important to have regular check ups and inform your physician of any health issues to be certain to catch any life threatening issues early. “It wasn’t indigestion.” is the message the SAMC Heart and Vascular Center used on this billboard to encourage people to consider heart health.

The Durden Outdoor Creative Team went to work to create a simple message on an attractive background.  The message might be simple but the underlying meaning of the message has a huge impact for those who take the time to read the message.  It challenges people to think about their health and understand symptoms are not always what you they seem.  The SAMC message was placed on a Bulletin on 431 South bound coming into Dothan, AL.

Bulletins are generally used with placing a message for an extended period of time.  Often times people associate Bulletins as the classic billboard.  Durden Outdoor offers other billboard products to help get your message out.  4 Week Rotary Campaigns and Digital Billboards are also available.