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Ludlum and Gil Law Firm Flying Eagle Billboard

June 17, 2011


The Ludlum and Gil Attorneys at Law billboard was a fun project to work on that allowed creative opportunity.  The only direction given from the client the need to target military people and their families.  The design process centered around a patriotic theme using red, white, blue, and a HUGE Eagle. The billboard features two large extensions to allow the eagle to be much more dominate and memorable.  The billboard is targeting Veteran Affairs to protect the American soldiers and their families rights.

Billboard advertising can be a very effective form of advertising.  Key factors can effect the success of failure of a billboard advertising campaign.  Some of the factors to pay attention to include:

  • Graphic design to effective communicate the message
  • Timing (having the message up in time for seasonal promo, product sales, or allowing the message to stay up for extended periods of time to build brand awareness.)
  • Location (based on target audience)
  • Location (based on traffic count)
  • Location (based on proximity to location if using direction billboards)

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