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Polaris Ranger Billboard for Dothan Powersports

September 15, 2011

Dothan Powersports does a very good job with outdoor advertising by mixing different displays in different locations.  Different billboards… what I thought all billboards were the same.  No, billboards are not the same.  Dothan Powersports uses a combination of bulletins, rotary posters, and digital billboards. The Polaris Ranger billboard is considered a bulletin.  Bulletins are the large billboards you see beside major artery roads leading in and out of town.  Keep in mind there are bulletins in town at high traffic area.

This bulletin is located on Highway 431 southbound coming into Dothan.  The bulletin is seen by roughly 30,000 cars per day.  Northview High School is located in close proximity to the billboard.  While school is in the amount of traffic increases in this area.  A large amount of beach bound traffic passes this billboard location in spring and summertime. An added benefit is a large portion of the beach bound traffic turns left onto Ross Clark Circle  putting the traffic right to their building.

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