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Heron Cove Apartment named advertiser of this week

September 24, 2012

Each week, Durden Outdoor Displays highlights the valuable services of our advertisers. The advertiser of this week is Heron Cove Apartments, which is located at 200 A Heron Cove Drive, Enterprise, Alabama.

Heron Cove Apartments Homes, a gated community just off Glover Avenue, offers three spacious floor plans and a host of modern amenities. Plus, you can take advantage of their pristine fitness center, refreshing swimming pool or enjoy the gazebo and playground areas. They are conveniently located near multiple Restaurants, Theatres, Shopping Centers, Schools, the Post Office & Downtown Enterprise.

Heron Cove came to Durden to help increase the public’s awareness of their facilities. With the help of Durden’s Creative Department, Heron Cove’s new displays were a hit among the market and their residents, attracting new residents from Coffee & Dale County.

“The sign is absolutely beautiful. Your staff is incredible! I have had several of our current resident’s state how beautiful the billboard is. I’m real pleased with the new design the art department sent over.  The phone number is very visible and the colors are bright and vibrant.”

Crystal Lamb
Senior Property Manager
Heron Cove Apartment Homes

Heron Cove is a fine example of how 4 Week Rotary Posters can provide a great reach among the community. From Ozark to Enterprise, with highly visibility target market capabilities, creative design flexibility, and low cost per thousand, this campaign help fill up Heron Cove Apartment 1, 2, & 3 Bedroom Units.

If you are interested in becoming FAMOUS, like Heron Cove, please contact us today!