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LIVE Updates With Dynamic Digital Out-of-Home

July 26, 2021

When it comes to creative Out-of-Home, interacting with people in real-time at any given location is unmatched. This particular OOH is called Dynamic Digital Out-of-Home (DDOOH); It has been increasingly popular and is only expected to continue to climb.

With the recent pandemic, the use and development of DOOH have increased significantly faster than ever before, making this a prime time to take advantage of today’s Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH). In fact, according to PQ Media, DOOH accounted for 28.3% of all Out-of-Home (OOH) ads in 2019 and is predicted to rise to 38.3% by 2023.

With Dynamic Digital capabilities, brands are able to adapt their ads to real-time to target their audience perfectly and give their customers an experience in that exact moment. This has opened an entirely new opportunity for creative thinking to flourish. Dynamic Digital helps increase the performance of OOH campaigns by interacting with consumers and standing out among thousands of brand messages that people are served daily. It is a great way to cut through the clutter and ensure that your brand message is relevant and is memorable.

Durden Outdoor previously partnered with WDHN-TV to provide up to the minute ads that pulled from an RSS Feed. The news station had someone push out relevant content to include breaking news and weather updates that were distributed directly to their Digital Billboard Network. This put WDHN-TV in full control of their digital content and provided news in real time to their consumers.

Dynamic Digital can also be utilized for real-time information such as time, temperature and certain weather conditions. Durden Outdoor partners with Call Bob seasonally to promote extreme temperature changes that may affect your air conditioning unit. The current temperature is automatically pulled into their digital ad which serves as a reminder to people passing by if they need filters or a simple tune up, to Call Bob!

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