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Dothan City & Houston County Schools Promote Head Start Registration

August 2, 2021

Families are still feeling the effects of the pandemic in the Wiregrass area. People are finally able to go back to work but with that comes the stress of affording childcare as well as putting together a plan for education.

Durden Outdoor recently had the opportunity to partner with Dothan City Schools to promote registration for their 2021-2022 Head Start program. The Head Start program is a federally funded program based on income. Children who are from families with incomes below the poverty guidelines and who are between the ages of three to five are eligible to apply for Head Start services.

The Head Start Center provides services to Dothan City and Houston County schools with site locations in Webb, Cottonwood Ashford and Rehobeth. Services include comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition and parent involvement services. Specific collaborative and planned actions are in place to recruit eligible children including children with disabilities. These services are provided in collaboration with the local education agency and the Alabama Early Intervention System. The Head Start Center serves as a great resource to help families in need.

The Head Start Center took advantage of Durden’s Rotary Poster Program, digitals in Columbia, Cottonwood, Ashford and Rehobeth. This was a great way to saturate the market and also reach their target audience directly to educate those who may not know the resources that are available. If you would like more information on Dothan City & Houston County’s Head Start Program, please click HERE.

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