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Dr. Duke is Saving Limbs and Lives in the Wiregrass

August 2, 2021

It’s hard to look away from the realities that many face when they visit Dr. J. Douglas Duke at Wiregrass Wound and Amputation Prevention Center. By the time they have reached the point to see Dr. Duke, one may feel that there are no other options but amputation. However, that is not true! There are several options available for your wound care.

Since 2013, Dr. Duke has been practicing in the Dothan area. He has now opened his own practice, Wiregrass Wound & Amputation Prevention Center, located inside of Surgery Center South in Dothan, AL. Dr. Duke is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care, but always with a human touch. He has a passion for helping others which led him to pursue a career in the medical field.

To educate the Wiregrass area of Dr. Duke’s new practice and location, we utilized a mix of digital, bulletin and posters along some of the most highly traveled roads. The message is simple. Before you amputate, call Dr. Duke! If you are traveling eastbound on Hwy 84 West, you will catch sight of a 10’ x 42’ bulletin boasting a huge gangrenous foot that extends off of the billboard. While this may seem alarming to some, this is the reality that many people face everyday.

We enjoyed working with Dr. Duke and his team at the Wiregrass Wound and Amputation Prevention Center to help promote their goal of preventing amputations and saving patients’ lives. Are you interested in becoming FAMOUS in the Wiregrass through show stopping campaigns? Check out all of our inventory by clicking HERE or contact a FAMOUS Maker today to learn more about our products and services.