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FAMOUS is Easy

August 23, 2021

Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc. has been making clients FAMOUS since 1968. Over the course of those 53 years, we have perfected our process to make it easy for our clients to become FAMOUS in the Wiregrass area. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business for two generations. We know what it takes to run a small business on a large scale and we gladly meet our clients right where they are.

Our Products
We have three products that we offer to best suit your advertising needs and reach your target demographic. Our team will work with you to determine which medium is the best fit for your business and which will bring you the largest return on your investment.

Bulletins are the largest, most impactful form of outdoor media. They are typically located along highly traveled arteries and allow creative customization through extensions and 3D opportunities. They are meant to make a statement for your brand and bring top of the mind awareness to your business. Due to the higher cost of production, bulletins are normally contracted on a 12-month basis. However, we will be glad to customize a plan for a shorter term upon request.

Rotary Posters are one of the most preferred methods used to saturate the market and build strong brand awareness for your company. Posters are purchased in increments called showings and provide a broad market reach that can achieve high frequency where your customers live, work and play. A showing represents a percentage of the market. For example, a #25 showing would reach 25% of the market. Rotary posters are located on major and secondary arteries and are a great way to advertise events, products and services. There is typically an 8-week minimum contract for rotary posters.

The Durden Digital Network is the largest Digital Billboard Network in Southeast Alabama and Northwest Florida. With a total of 30 Digital Displays reaching over 1.3 million+ cars daily, and is guaranteed space it is a great resource for businesses looking to make a splash in the Wiregrass area. Digital billboards are the most versatile product that we offer. You may contract a specific location, rotate to a different location each month or obtain instant market saturation by contracting multiple digital locations at one time.

Short & Long Term Campaigns
We offer short and long-term campaigns that guarantee your billboard space and lock in locations at the beginning of your contract. This will allow you to know in advance where your business’ advertising will be seen and ensure that you are reaching your target audience. A short-term campaign may be 8-12 weeks while a long-term campaign may reflect 24-52 weeks.

In-House Creative Team
By contracting with us, you will have a dedicated FAMOUS Maker that will help you form a strategy to ensure that your company’s advertising objectives are being met and the results are a direct reflection of that. Durden Outdoor has a full-service in-house creative team that will work with you to craft a message and design that works for your business. All of our creative services are included in your contract price.

Small & Large Budgets
From small businesses to large corporations, we have worked with them all. We understand that marketing budgets for businesses all look very different. We want to be the one-stop shop for all of your Out-of-Home needs and will gladly customize a budget to fit your business.

FAMOUS is easy. Contact us today to learn how you can get started.