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Live Inventory Updates on Digital Billboards

September 8, 2021

Durden Outdoor is always looking for ways to expand our offerings and make our customers’ experience a lot easier when it comes to changing their ads. It is now easier than ever to upload content and update signage within the Durden Digital Network, thanks to Lucit, a new inventory feed management application. Durden has begun utilizing Lucit with its digital customers to make changes to digital signage quick and simple.

This helpful app uses real-time information from the client’s inventory management system then automatically generates the creative visuals to be placed on their digital billboards. Lucit allows clients to have the most current and accurate information about their inventory advertised immediately. In addition to automatically generated ads from feeds, the customer has the option to update photos only or a mix of photos and text. This allows our customers to work smarter, not harder.

Durden Outdoor is excited to partner with Lucit to enhance our customers’ advertising experience. Bondy’s Nissan and Ronnie’s Clothing and Alfred Saliba Coldwell Banker are the first of our customers to take advantage of Lucit. They use the inventory and photostream options to update their inventory throughout the Durden Digital Network. Anyone who views their digital billboards will see the most up-to-date information. This cuts down on turnaround time and really puts the customer in control of their digital advertising changes. Lucit’s software has several different functions that can be utilized for different industries. The app allows Durden to display listings and products in real time so that a potential customer doesn’t see outdated information. This is a great tool to add to your digital advertising campaign and allows the customer to be in control. Here are brief examples of how our current customers are using Lucit.[/vc_column_text]


As the first in Dothan to use Lucit, Ronnies takes advantage of the photo stream options to show their latest arrivals and sales. With this feature the photo and headline on their templated ad can be changed at any time. They are able to update their billboard content as easily as posting to their social media. This allows clients to be interactive and timely with their billboard messaging just as social media does.

Car dealerships

Bondy’s Nissan uses Lucit’s photostream and Inventory feed options. The inventory feed connects directly to the same feed that powers their website. Ads are automatically generated with the photos and information in their system. The client has the ability to choose which items they want torun and how much each should play. Bondy’s also uses the photo stream feature to spotlight their customers.


Coldwell Banker became the SECOND real estate company in the country to utilize Lucit’s latest features. The newest version of the app allows each of the agents to control their content individually, while the company has the main account that can control who plays to which signs and how often. Realtors have the same abilities above with the feed and photo stream options. The listing ads are pulled directly from Coldwell Banker’s MLS feed to create ads. In addition to the feed and photostream, the agents have a generic “business card” ad that can be put in their rotation.

The advantages of using Lucit go beyond the ability to control your billboard content at your fingertips. The app allows users to view analytics with detailed reports to know exactly how much their ads are playing on each sign and when. It also automatically pulls sold inventory when it is pulled out of the MLS system. Lucit sends emails with data reports as well as alerts when sold inventory is pulled, so it is easy to stay up to date on your billboard content. Are you interested in learning more about using this inventory feed management app? Contact us today to find out how the #FAMOUSMakers can help put you in control of your digital advertising campaign and boost your bottom line.