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Eye-Catching OOH Design Tips

November 30, 2021

Out-of-Home advertising can take your campaign to a whole new level. With OOH, you have a massive canvas to work with. However, OOH comes with its own challenges that are vastly different from other advertising mediums. To help you create an effective billboard campaign, check out these design tips that will pave the way for your brand to become FAMOUS in the Wiregrass.

Have a Clear Message

Once you identify your message, you need to display it boldly. What do you want people to see and retain in their memory when they view your billboard? If you want to increase brand awareness, you must make sure everything that represents your brand is a part of the design, including logo and brand colors. If it’s a product, you will want to emphasize the product and make it stand out.

Keep it Simple

It is essential to keep your creative and your message simple. Keep in mind, the average viewer has eight seconds to view a billboard. You don’t want something so complex that people have to take a significant amount of time to understand. We encourage our clients to utilize seven words and 1 clear visual to ensure readability. Since your design is intended to express your message, keeping it simple and making sure your message is clear is key to a successful campaign.

Make it Legible

After you identify what you want to say to your audience and keep it concise, you must also make sure your message is legible. Using the same fonts within the same font family and using no more than two different fonts will ensure that your message can be easily seen and read. Also, using the same font and color when designing will make sure that your message is clear. If your message is not clear or readable, your campaign will blend in and get lost in the mix.

Aim for High Contrast

One of the key factors that can make or break your design is the color choice, depending on if it is being displayed on a Rotary Poster, Bulletin or the Durden Digital Network. Choosing the right colors to make your creative work well within a design and for its medium is something that should be considered during the design process. Choosing bold and bright colors will help easily bring attention to your advertisement and increase your campaign’s overall success.

Head-turning OOH ads are always creative pieces. If you put out a design with a clear message in mind and make your message simple while using a compelling image, you’ll have a great design that’s effective. By implementing these best practices to your OOH creative, your advertising campaign will be successful.

Durden Outdoor has a full service creative department that is here to help you plan, create and implement an efficient and profitable billboard campaign. Check out our inventory and contact a FAMOUS Maker today to learn more about our products and services.