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Vinson Plumbing Launches Temperature-Triggered Digital Campaign

March 9, 2022

Oftentimes when frigid temperatures hit, people tend to forget the importance of protecting exposed pipes. Wrapping your pipes prevents them from freezing and bursting. Vinson Plumbing & Electric launched an awareness campaign using the Durden Digital Network as a reminder for people on the below freezing nights, to do just that – wrap your pipes.

Utilizing Durden Outdoor’s dynamic digital capabilities, Vinson’s digital billboard ad changes based on the temperature. For instance, if the temperature is to reach below freezing, the ad will automatically display a call to action to “wrap your pipes tonight.” As the temperatures continue to drop throughout the cold winter months, the ad carries on to suggest that you should seek assistance from Vinson Plumbing and Electric should you have any problems. As temperatures begin to climb back up, the ad changes back to their branding awareness campaign of “Make the Right Call.” Having the flexibility to change their message based on specific temperatures and weather forecasts has been a game changer for Vinson. Combine a successful outdoor advertising campaign with remarkable service and their reputation sets them apart from their competitors.

With Durden Outdoor’s digital capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Displaying relevant messages based on the time of day, user-generated content, countdowns, trending items on social media, and weather triggers are a key component of outdoor advertising today.

Vinson Plumbing and Electric has been utilizing the Durden Digital Network for many years to reach their customers. Are you considering using digital billboards as part of your next campaign? Do you need assistance strategizing your marketing needs? Contact Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc. today and become FAMOUS tomorrow.