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Bryan Pharmacy is the Phastest Pharmacy in Southeast Alabama

June 19, 2023

Bryan Pharmacy’s new billboard campaign in Coffee County features a clever play on the word pharmacy. By replacing “f” with “ph,” we have created a series of catchy phrases that are hard to forget. It’s one thing to be “fast.” It’s quite another to be “pharmacy fast.” And Bryan Pharmacy is in a league of its own–”phast.” The billboards in Enterprise, Alabama suggest speed, unheard of in out-of-home. With accompanying 3-foot, slanted extensions on either side, we managed to completely alter the state of the billboards as we know ‘em. It’s unique. It’s silly. It’s memorable. It peaks curiosity enough to stick with viewers long after passing. And, might even leave ‘em scratching their phorehead. It’s phun. It’s phitting. It’s making Bryan Pharmacy phamous.

The billboards themselves are a testament to how creativity and innovation can make a brand FAMOUS. The brilliance of Bryan Pharmacy’s new billboards campaign lies in its copy. The bulletins, rotary posters and digital billboards have several different phrases in circulation in Enterprise, AL. Each of the phrases play on the “ph” in pharmacy. Some of these phrases include Phorget Phalgreens, Phlippin Phast Phrescriptions and Phastest in Phenterprise. Each phrase is not just witty and humorous, but it also communicates the core message – Bryan Pharmacy is fast, efficient, and the best choice for your pharmaceutical needs.

At Durden Outdoor, we take pride in the trust that our clients place in us to become FAMOUS throughout the Wiregrass. Our mission is to help businesses stand out from their competitors and dominate their industry. If you are looking for billboards for rent in Enterprise, contact one of our FAMOUS Makers today to learn more about our specials. And as Bryan Pharmacy’s tagline suggests, hold “phast,” because there’s more to “phollow.”