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Barbour County, AL

Located in beautiful southeast Alabama, Barbour County is a community that has a little bit of everything. Serene landscapes, rich history, strong industry and mild weather are only a few of the benefits of life in Barbour County. Barbour County is home to Lakepoint Resort State Park, Blue Springs State Park, and the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge. The cities and towns in Barbour County include Eufaula, Clayton, Clio, Bakerhill, and Louisville.

Clayton was named the county seat in 1834 because of its centralized location in the county. By the 1870s, the city of Eufaula grew and sparked many debates as whether to move the county seat or not. In 1879, Barbour County established two courts, one in the city of Clayton and the other in the city of Eufaula. Both courthouses remain in operation today. According to the most recent census, Barbour County is home to 27,457 people.