QR Codes to Promote your Business

A QR Code is a simple bar code that contain any type of message you want to share with potential customers.  A QR Code can be used to direct traffic to your website, a certain page within your website, to a coupon online, display a discount code, or even be used to share your contact information.  The possibilities are endless.

How does it work?  Many smart phones have the ability to install apps.  Most offer free apps to scan bar codes and QR codes.  I personally use “Barcode Scanner” which is a free app for both the iPhone and Droid phones.  After the app is installed you open the app and point the phone’s camera at the QR Code.  The app will then scan the QR code to reveal the information right on the phone.  For those sharing contact information the process is very fast.  The app offers the opportunity to add the information to the contacts list in your phone.  In the case of the QR code pictured in this thread it is a simple website link.  Try it for yourself.

If you would like to make your own QR Code be sure to check Making a QR Code HERE.

Light Rider Service from Durden Outdoor

Durden Outdoor Displays provides a complementary service to our advertisers.  When you are sleeping at night our dedicated Light Rider staff drives the roads to make scheduled checks on the billboards to ensure the lights are burning bright.  The Light Rider campaign is something we do as a normal service. If for some reason you ever spot a light out on one of our billboards please CONTACT US so we can fix the issue.  If you do contact us please note the location of the billboard you are reporting.

Available Billboard in Eufaula, Alabama

Durden Outdoor is proud to announce the addition of a new digital billboard to the city of Eufaula, Alabama. While there are other billboards in the area this will be the FIRST digital billboard available to Eufaula, Alabama.  Digital billboards offer many benefits over other outdoor advertising means.  Digital billboards demand attention through brilliant displays and vibrant colors.

The all new digital billboard in Eufaula, Alabama will feature an industry first Lighthouse Style structure to hold the displays.  The Lighthouse structure will be Tri-sided holding a total of three billboard faces. The unique structure will also create a buzz in the community. With an estimated traffic count of 34,000 cars passing this location each day Eufaula businesses will have a perfect opportunity to be seen.  The new Digital Lighthouse in Eufuala is set to go live March 1, 2011.  For more information on this digital billboard and other available digital billboards in the Durden Digital Network visit our DIGITAL PAGE.

CLICK HERE to see a PDF file detailing the new Digital Lighthouse and the location in Eufaula, Alabama.

Piggly Wiggly’s Dothan Billboard

Piggly Wiggly is a grocery store chain stretching across many states in the Heart of America.  The Piggly Wiggly grocery store chains were designed to have a community feel.  The founder of Piggly Wiggly was a true innovator by being the first to offer a grocery store where customers walk in a pick out the items they want rather than having the attendant pull the items from a list.  More information and history about Piggly Wiggly can be found on their website.


Piggly Wiggly Bulletin Billboard in Dothan, AL

The Dothan, Alabama Piggly Wiggly stores have been working to educate local consumers on a few key points about their stores.

  1. Best meat prices in Dothan, Alabama
  2. Fresh produce with many items to choose from
  3. Where to the store is located
  4. The Friendliest Service of any Dothan grocery store.
  5. Establish the Piggly Wiggly brand in Dothan.

The Piggly Wiggly billboard project for the Dothan based stores was approached with these things in mind.  You will notice the billboard sign is a directional board pointing people to the location.  The billboard location was hand picked by the client because of the new Publix grocery stores opening in Dothan, Alabama.  The Piggly Wiggly billboard sign is located on the corner of 231 North and Ross Clark Circle in the parking lot of Richie B’s Pizza.  The location is a prime location in Dothan with a very high daily traffic count.

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Making Updates to the Product Pages

The Durden Team is hard at work on the new website. You may notice a few pages have not been completed yet. If you have questions or would like us to quote a marketing campaign designed to fit your companies budget and advertising goals be sure to contact us. We have two different contact forms here on the website. If you have general questions please direct them to the CONTACT PAGE. If you would like to speak to a marketing professional about getting your company started on the path to being FAMOUS in the Wiregrass area CLICK HERE. Thanks for your understanding while we work to create a better online experience for our clients and friends.

Added a Facebook Feed to DurdenOutdoor.com

Durden Outdoor just added a Facebook feed to the all new Durden website.  Be sure to visit us on Facebook and click the “Like” button.  You never know we might offer some type of giveaway to our Facebook fans.  Fun things like free offers to put your profile pics up on a Durden Digital Network billboard, or even giveaways for a free billboard to advertise your company.  The point is it could pay to be involved with the Durden Facebook Fan Page.

New Business Licenses Issued in Dothan

If you market your goods or services to other businesses it is good practice to know what new businesses are opening in your community.  One of the best ways to keep up with new businesses opening in your area is go to the city office where business licenses are issued and request a report about once a month.  Many cities will charge a small administrative fee for this information.  Most cities will provide information related to the new business including contact name, address, telephone number, and in some cases an email address.

You can then take this information to make first contact with the new business.  Speed of Business is getting to be more important as technology advances.  The internet provides instant access to anything a new business owner might need.  The internet has made the act of business less personal, but there is still plenty of room to build relationships.

The Dothan Eagle posts new business licenses to their website on a regular basis.  If you are doing business in the Dothan, Alabama area be sure to check it out.  Be sure to post a comment back here if you found this article helpful.

Speed of Business and your company’s ability to react quickly enough is key. Speed of Business also refers to how fast the public can access information over the internet.  The faster you make first contact with a potential client the more likely your company will be rewarded with the sale versus a competing company. Increasing your company’s Speed of Business can be done in many ways. Social Media, a Website, Newsletter Email Marketing, and knowing what is going on in the community before others are all ways to increase the Speed of Business.  We will be discussing other topics concerning Speed of Business very soon.

Push Cards for Rhema Rock Church

Durden Outdoor is known for our vast network of outdoor advertising billboards in southeast Alabama.  We also offer services to our clientele to help get there marketing message out.  In the case of Rhema Rock Church we utilized one of our marketing partners to print 5×7 push cards for the church member to hand out.  The push cards are a little larger than a traditional post card.  The push cards were printed on heavy 16 pt card stock and received a UV coating on both sides to make the shine.  Te end result is a low cost high quality marketing tool to help people remember your goods or services.  In this case remember Rhema Rock Church.

For more information on what Durden Outdoor can do for your marketing campaign be sure to contact our professional sales and marketing team.

Durden Gives Tribute to Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King is a long deceased member of our society, but his influence and teachings have survived the generations. He was a

"A riot is the language of the unheard" - MLK

leader, an encourager, and most importantly — he changed history.  Durden Outdoor is proud to give tribute and remember such an inspirational man. Be sure to keep your eyes open for MLK on Durden Outdoor’s Digital Network in Dothan & Enterprise, AL.

Justice Park Digital Displays in HD

Justice Park features Dothan, Alabama’s only outdoor HD displays to tkae your company from Zero to Famous in 24 weeks. The Justice Park Digital Display features three sides to completely cover all traffic coming through the downtown Dothan area.  Durden Outdoor can design a campaign to fit your budget.  Typical clients begin with a 24 week campaign rotating the advertisement every 4 weeks to a different side of the Justice Park display.  We do offer other packages.  Be sure to contact our experienced sales staff for more details and to see how Durden Outdoor can take your business from Zero to Famous in 24 weeks.

  • $160 per week for a 24 week campaign
  • $160 per week for a 48 week campaign with 4 weeks free
  • 50,000 plus cars per day pass the Justice Park Display.
  • Captive audience as drivers wait at the traffic lights.
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