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Durden Outdoor Upgrades Two Key Digital Locations in Enterprise & Dothan, AL

October 26, 2021

Out-of-Home continues to be the leader in the advertising industry. Billboards are a valuable piece of mass medium. As Digital Billboards continue to rapidly become the popular pick of outdoor advertising, it is important to make sure the Durden Digital Network presents the highest resolution possible for our customers.

Digital billboards have a lot to offer to those who are interested in promoting their business or product. The flexibility that Digital Out-of-Home provides sets it apart from other traditional mediums and allows the customer the opportunity to change their message up quickly and frequently. In order for DOOH to be effective, it is important that the billboard offer visibility and clarity. By investing in technology, Durden Outdoor is investing in their customers to ensure that the customer is receiving the best possible product.

Resolution plays a vital role in defining the quality of LED signage. An LED billboard that has a higher definition will generate images of higher quality. Having the best resolution can ultimately generate the best results because it is more likely to be effective in capturing your potential audience’s attention.

Durden Outdoor Displays, Inc. is continually growing its high-resolution Digital Network. Most recently, the FAMOUS Makers upgraded the Digital Display located on Westgate Parkway at the intersection of Ross Clark Circle in Dothan, AL and the Digital Display located on Boll Weevil Circle at Hwy 27 South in Enterprise, AL. These displays are the highest resolution LEDs in the area and offer a crisp look and feel for our customers.

“Just like a car, Digital Billboards have a lot of upkeep and must be replaced over time”, says Bill Durden, VP of Operations. “We will continue to service and upgrade our Digital Displays as needed to ensure that our customers’ image remains smooth and sleek.”

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