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It’s the Final Countdown

June 16, 2022

We all set reminders on our smartphones to help stay on top of our schedule or mark our calendars to help keep track of how many days are left until a big day. Did you know that you can do the same exact thing for your big event with the Durden Digital Network? Hank’s & More Fine Furniture and Seth Brooks for Houston & Henry County Circuit Judge recently launched countdown campaigns using the Durden Digital Network. These campaigns serve as a reminder for people to mark their calendars for Hank’s grand opening and to get out and vote in the primary runoff this month.

Utilizing Durden Outdoor’s dynamic digital capabilities, Hank’s & More Fine Furniture and Seth Brooks for Houston & Henry County Circuit Judge took their campaigns to the next level. The FAMOUS Makers were able to insert an RSS feed into their ads which allows each client to countdown to their big events. 

Hank’s & More Fine Furniture will be opening June 18th. Each day, the digital ad will change with the number of days left until opening day arrives. Seth Brooks is currently in an election runoff for Houston & Henry County Circuit Judge. His campaign is currently counting down until the primary runoff election on June 21st. It serves as a constant reminder to voters the importance of returning to the polls and keeps daily traffic engaged with facts about Seth.

With Durden Outdoor’s digital capabilities, the possibilities are endless. Displaying relevant messages based on the time of day, user-generated content, trending items on social media, weather triggers, and countdowns are key components of outdoor advertising today and keeps your brand relevant.

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