QR Code Used on a Billboard for The LOCAL

QR Codes are finding their way onto many different forms of marketing.  Retail stores use them to allow smart phone users quick access to product information.  QR Codes are placed on business cards to speed up the process of sharing contact information.  A more recent trend is to place QR Codes on billboards and other outdoor advertising.

When placing a QR Code on a billboard it needs to be in a location with a captured audience so people will have time to safely scan the code with their smart phone.  In Dothan, AL a QR Code was placed on a billboard representing The Local newspaper.  The billboard where the QR code is placed is a high traffic area where people sit for long periods of time waiting for traffic lights to change.  Because of this position viewers have plenty of time to scan the QR code.

Be sure to contact our experienced creative team to see what Durden Outdoor can do to spice up your marketing campaign.

Dothan Magazine Ad

Dothan Magazine can be found in most convenient stores as well as many other locations around Dothan, Alabama and surrounding towns.  If you have not picked up a copy of Dothan Magazine we encourage you to check it out.  One of the first things you will notice it is a high quality publication.  The second thing you will notice it is actually about Dothan, it’s citizens, and attractions in the area. Durden Outdoor has a full page ad in the magazine featuring some of our billboards on Ross Clark Circle near Hooters, Long Horn Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, Sam’s Club, and Chick Fil A.  if you pick up a copy of Dothan Magazine be sure to look for the Durden Outdoor ad and have your smart phone ready to scan the QR Code on the page. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions  or need help advertising your business.  Give Durden Outdoor a chance to make you FAMOUS.

New Durden Outdoor Business Cards

dsc_4620Durden Outdoor is in the process of creating marketing materials for our staff to use.  One of the changes is the new business card design.  The new business cards feature a QR Code to make exchanging contact information easier.  A QR Code is essentially a bar code detailing information you want to exchange.  Most modern smart phones have the ability to add a free app to read bar codes and QR Codes. If someone hands you a business card with a QR Code all you have to do is scan the code and you can automatically add their contact info to your contacts.  The benefit is you do not have to type it all in thus saving time. Not to mention taking out the chance for human error from mistyped information.

In marketing / sales getting people involved in a conversation can be difficult at time.  In my personal experience using QR Codes on past projects many people do stop to ask what the code is for.  After a short explanation you can transition your conversation into more meaningful business.

Dothan Magazine and Durden Outdoor

If you found this article you more than likely scanned the QR Code we placed in the Dothan Magazine.  The Durden staff would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  Durden Outdoor offers billboards in 8 different counties in southeast Alabama to help make your business FAMOUS.

Simply stated… Durden Outdoor is in the FAMOUS business.  We work very hard to build effective outdoor marketing campaigns to make our clients FAMOUS, and get people connected to their goods or services.  Marketing can be expensive if you do not have a clear plan for your campaign.  Durden Outdoor can help create a plan based on your needs and goals.

Be sure to contact us for more information and to see what Durden Outdoor can to to improve your business and gain market share. We can send someone out to your place of business to learn more about what your business offers and show you ways Durden Outdoor Can help make your business FAMOUS.